Secure Software Development Consulting

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Secure Software Development Consulting

Software security is one of the most important security areas. This is because software vulnerabilities directly and immediately affect business processes and critical data. In addition, the cost of fixing software security vulnerabilities increases if the vulnerabilities are noticed late in the software development life cycle. Since software security requires competence beyond the general infrastructure or information security competence, access to such competence may not be feasible or practical most of the time. Therefore, it is ignored in most cases, but the consequences can be very disturbing.

BTRisk helps you convert your software development processes into secure software development processes. By doing that BTRisk enables you to build security into your software starting from the beginning of your development process. Our comprehensive secure software development consulting services consists of the following topics:

  • Developing a secure software development lifecycle process considering the organization’s technical and functional needs, organizational structure and current software development lifecycle, orientation of the software development and security teams of the organization
  • Web and mobile application security trainings for the software development teams
  • Providing software security risk assessment (threat modeling) services as part of the secure software development lifecycle
  • Providing software security unit testing services
  • Source code analysis for software security
  • Application penetration testing on pre-prod or production environments
  • Regular analysis of software and application server logs, event detection and incident response support services within the scope of software security operation support

The above-mentioned services can be provided as a general service for all software projects of the organization or for specific software projects. Our continuous software security support services are provided using the BTRWATCH information security management system, developed by BTRisk, a unique GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance) solution in terms of expertise and functionality, helping monitoring the security performance indicators easier.