Cyber Security Incident Response and Investigation (Computer Forensic) Support

Over 10 years of cyber security expertise

Cyber Security Incident Response and Investigation (Computer Forensic) Support

Siber Olay Müdahalesi ve İnceleme (Adli Bilişim)

Incident response and investigation support services consist of the following topics.

    • Identification of the first intrusion method used
    • Determining the steps, effects and limits of the attacker’s reach
    • Obtaining and storing evidence data that can be used in the judicial process in compliance with the forensic principles
    • Remediation of the vulnerabilities which allowed the intrusion
    • Continuous penetration testing services to minimize the security vulnerabilities

The effectiveness of the investigation process varies depending on the existing log management infrastructure and the level of compromise. The first steps of the service include the collection of information from the IT staff about the infrastructure and the incident. The presence of system administrators during the investigation is required.

With the information technology infrastructure security consulting and software security consulting services that we can provide after the incident response, attack surface of the organization is narrowed and a more secure information technology infrastructure can be created. This enables you to detect information security incidents faster and have better monitoring data for computer forensics.