Load Testing

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Load Test Services

The load testing requirement applies to all platforms serving a large number of users. Especially in new web applications and services to be launched, if the service is not subjected to a load test before going to production, the user experience might be adversely affected and the organization might lose its reputation. Apart from organic loads, synthetic loads can be easily generated by the malicious attackers to cause denial of service (DoS) to harm the organization. For these reasons, load testing has become a standard type of testing in today’s software development life cycles.

BTRisk creates loads in accordance with your load expectations and real life scenarios. We monitor the responses generated by your application or service at different concurrent user levels to identify the points where your application responses deteriorate. Response statistics for different resources and for different metrics of your application are collected and interpreted for you. In particular, situations that seriously adversely affect application response times are brought to the attention of management.

In addition, the load testing services are performed in accordance with your schedule and when the user experience is least affected.