For continuous and secure services

Pentest Services

Our pentest services identifies the vulnerabilities on the network, system and application layers to eliminate the data leakage, data manipulation and denial of service risks. Our social engineering tests targets the user layer to identify and improve the user awareness level.

BTRisk is a TSE Certified A Level Penetration Testing Firm. With its expert and seasoned team certified by international bodies, BTRisk contributed to the security of many critical applications and infrastructures. Sharing its continuously updated and improved knowledge and experience with trainings is a tradition in BTRisk.

Information Security and IT Governance Services

Our information security and IT governance services targets minimizing the security and compliance risks as well as optimizing the information security and IT control investments. With our battle tested methodologies we rapidly transfer knowledge to the consulting client personnel for a sustainable governance process.

We projected our expertise on governance of information security and IT controls to our ISMS software BTRWATCH. BTRisk conducted ISO27001 and CobiT based audit and consulting projects in hundreds of client organizations from the finance, telecom, e-commerce, defense, transportation, production, etc. industries.

Cyber Security Operations Services

We provide organizations high quality cyber security services and enable them to focus and excel in their core processes while getting cyber risk distractions out of their way. Tailor made cyber security operations services are designed and provided in line with the client organizations’ business and security needs.

BTRisk provides information security operations services quite different from the ordinary SOC services. We periodically review the control and monitoring infrastructures, we provide the security monitoring services with high awareness of the client organizations’ business objectives and security requirements.

Integrated Information Security Services

From the governance level to the operations level we provide integrated information security services to our clients with heavy security and compliance requirements. With our high caliber services our clients, who are leaders in their industries, are assured of good management of their security.

We in BTRisk are very well aware of the fact that information security can only be sustained with a monitoring activity performed and directed in accordance with the business requirements and current threat surface of the organizations. Our integrated information security services coordinate the governance, assurance and operations services to manage information security more efficiently and effectively.

To prevent the threats

Our penetration testing services help organizations to proactively identify the vulnerabilities in their network, system and application layers and lower the data leakage, data manipulation and denial of services risks.

To visualize and hunt the threats

Our information security operations services enable the organizations to focus on their core processes while having high quality and cost effective information security services.

To improve the organizational value

Our information security and IT governance services minimize the security and compliance risks, optimizes the information security and IT control investments.